Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Well, this week has gone so fast! Seriously, the days feel super long and the weeks fly by. I can't believe it, I have less that 4 weeks left here.. it's crazy!

This week Hermana Moore and I got to start teaching members and two new investigators along with Maribel! 

They are David and Maria!

Maribel is our TRC member, she is the most wonderful, sweet lady! She randomly starts speaking in English to us sometimes during the lesson and I just have to think "Oh man, I hope the TRC supervisors don't hear this" haha! Anyway, this week we got to talk with her about the restoration and the plan of salvation! It was so special, she prayed with us! yay! And she committed to come to church next week! I absolutely love her, every time we meet with her she gives us the biggest, warmest hug and I feel so happy to see her! She has so much love for her family and such a sweet, abiding testimony of the Savior. I love meeting with her!

David is this super cool hombre, he believes in God and the Bible and has a super strong testimony of the Savior! But he doesn't understand why church is so important, he feels like all churches have truth and because they all teach of the Christ it doesn't matter which one he goes to.. so that's a roadblock, but hopefully he'll commit to come to church this week! I feel like there is so much joy and truth to be found in the gospel, all he needs to do is come and see it. Ya know? He's met with the Elders before, about a year or so ago, and he thinks the book of mormon is a good book, but he said the Elders before were really pushy and didn't want to listen to what he had to say, so that's sad. We're working on being good listeners and understanding him and his needs! David is awesome, it's been so cool visiting him!

Maria is sooo great. She has a little daughter named Berta and she lives with her boyfriend Javier.. Javier doesn't want her to meet with the missionaries, he gets upset when he sees her reading the Book of Mormon, and I guess he kind of isn't very nice when he's angry, so that is not good. But Maria keeps reading the book of mormon, she's even sharing it with her friends! She says she feels so good when she reads it and her day always goes better when she does, we got to help her recognize the Spirit and taught her how to pray! It was awesome!

This week Elder Christofferson came to speak! It was so awesome! And his wife as well, they are just the sweetest people! Also, Janice Kapp Perry! Her and her husband were soooo hilarious! She told us so many great stories and some wonderful advice in using himnos in our lessons! Also, she wrote a family song for her and her family and it was the funniest, most fantastic thing ever!

We played Kick Ball yesterday with the other district in our zone and we totally smashed them 11 to 3 haha! It was fun, although the Elders got suuuuper competitive! I could´t help but think of the time we played basketball together for family night, it made me laugh so hard! The Elders in our zone are so silly and all the Hermanas are too, I love them so much!

We memorized the invitation to be baptized this week and the first vision! In Spanish! So so so powerful!

Oh, turns out I speak Spanish in my sleep! And loudly... I woke up 3 of my hermanas... which is really funny, but I felt so bad! I don´t think any of us have ever been so tired in our whole lives!

This week we learned how to introduce a scripture in a lesson and how to help them apply it to themselves, I was pretty grateful Mom had practiced this with me before!

I saw one of the Hermanas from my mission prep class today! from the Jordan Institute! And my friend Andy from High School! And Luke from High School! It´s really funny, I always get caught totally off guard, seeing people I know here hahaha

Well, I hope you all have a great week!

Love always, Hermana Morris!

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